Super Tuesday: Did Democrats really reject socialism? Or being honest about liking it?

By Matt Rooney

I had sincere mixed emotions on Super Tuesday evenings, Save Jerseyans.

As a Republican? Bernie is probably a bit more beatable than Uncle Joe in the electoral college.

As an American? I never want to see a socialist lead either major U.S. political party…

…but that’s probably an emotional response from me. In part.

There’s no doubt that Bernie Sanders is far-and-away the most far-left member of the current Democrat field. Yes, it wouldn’t be healthy to have a borderline commie with a real shot at the presidency even if it’s a long shot. None of that is to say he’s the only far-left member of the Democrat field, nor does it mean he’s the only one pitching socialist/communist ideas. They’re all far to the left by any normative, historical, objective standard including Uncle Joe. Pay careful attention to what Joe Biden told CNN’s Don Lemon back in early February when he was on the ropes.

“Bernie’s a great guy, but it’s his self-definition,” Biden told Lemon. “But the question is who can help us win back the Senate most?”

“Are you going to walk into any of those states we have to win, like Florida, and other places that we’re going to win, in Georgia and North Carolina,” Biden added in the form of a rhetorical question. “What do you think Trump is going to do with that?”

He never said Bernie is crazy. He never said Bernie wrong. Biden complained that Bernie “self-definition” as a socialist was the problem. See the difference?

Uncle Joe was a very liberal member of the U.S. Senate before becoming Barack Obama’s Vice President, and he’s moved much further to the Left since entering the 2020 presidential sweepstakes. Biden’s rating with the American Conservative Union during his years in the Senate, by the way, is a dismal 13%, a showing only marginally better than self-defined socialist Bernie Sanders’s 7% score. But you don’t need to rely on an organization’s subjective or arbitrary ratings system; look at what the ex-veep is on record supporting this current cycle:

  • Socialized medicine in the guise of Obamacare which, in case you’ve forgotten, is taking away private health care choices and forcing Americans to buy a product
  • Taxpayer-funded, fully-subsidized health care for illegal immigrants
  • Tuition “free” community college
  • Massive tax hikes for successful Americans
  • Support for the Paris climate accord

Does any of that sound moderate or centrist to you?

Did socialism really lose on Super Tuesday (which was the prevailing media narrative on the day after)?

Or just the one guy running in the Democrat Primary who was willing to be honest about what 2020 Democrats really believe?


Save Jersey’s Founder and Blogger-in-Chief, MATT ROONEY is a nationally-noted and respected New Jersey political commentator. When he’s not on-line, radio or television advocating for conservative reform and challenging N.J. power-brokers, Matt is a practicing attorney at the law firm of DeMichele & DeMichele in Haddon Heights (Camden County).