Malinowski’s obscene appearance at Monday’s Murphy presser was an insult to every New Jerseyan

By Matt Rooney

We’re under an indefinite stay-at-home order now, Save Jerseyans, and Governor Phil Murphy – who made it plain at Monday’s daily COVID-19 presser – has assumed dictatorial powers unlike anything seen in contemporary American history. It’s insane.

It’s also almost impossible to recap Monday’s presser in a single post. There’s too much angering, upsetting, annoying and downright insulting to cover. Perhaps by design? More on that in another post…

Tom Malinowski’s participation deserves to be singled out.

For those of you who don’t know, Malinowski (a freshman Democrat congressman from NJ-07) has yet to distinguish himself in the House of Representatives. That’s not entirely unusual for a frosh congressman, but it hardly qualifies him for center stage attention at major press conference where the Governor plans to roll-out his much-anticipated “roadmap” to reopen the state.

Believe it or not? Malinowski is actually best known nationally at the moment for threatening to withhold disinfectant supplies from Kentucky during a Zoom event. Seriously. Fox News cited our story on it.

Shameless as ever and clearly unapologetic for his slight to Kentucky, Malinowski used today’s time at the mic to attack Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell and shill for Murphy’s federal bailout demands.

“This is about the survival of small town America, and at the end of the day, I don’t know if Mitch McConnell wants to be the person who is responsible for telling small town America to go to hell,” Malinowski said.

Can you imagine the nerve it’d take to be this tone deaf?

Now you don’t need to!

Last I checked, Mitch refused to bail out long-mismanaged pension funds; he didn’t threaten to withhold vital supplies from another U.S. state. That was you, Tom.

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt justly laid into Murphy for giving Malinowski a free campaign commercial instead of focusing on other pressing issues:

“Today, Governor Murphy laid out his ‘Road Back to Economic Health’ which was long, winding and nothing new: reduce COVID cases, test, trace, & isolate. Economically, it boils down to this: appoint a commission to study our problems and go to the Fed and beg for money. Insider politicians suggest commissions, studies and talk. What New Jersey needs right now is leaders to lead. Revenue projections are down. There are one  million unemployed New Jerseyans waiting for jobs, benefits and answers. Families are starving and businesses are shuttered. Instead of data, dates or answers from the Governor, Treasurer or Commissioner of Labor, we got a campaign speech for embattled Congressman Tom Malinowski, who left half his congressional district’s local governments with no first round stimulus money.”

Good memory, Chairman. I forgot to mention how Malinowski failed to secure county government financial aid for Hunterdon and Warren counties.

Obscene, folks. Absolutely obscene! And an insult to every New Jerseyan waiting for an unemployment check.

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