The Level 5 “Karen” meltdown over Murphy reopening parks/golf courses is hilarious, terrifying

By Matt Rooney

New Jersey’s parks and golf courses are finally reopening! They should’ve never been closed in the first place, of course, but progress is progress. 

Our state’s ever-expanding “Karen” population disagrees. Strongly. They want to speak to the manager, Save Jerseyans, IMMEDIATELY. And they let Governor Murphy know it in the thread for his tweet announcing that state parks and golf courses would reopen effective Saturday at dawn.

Some of the tweets are funny.

Most are terrifying.

We thought it’d be fun to collect a few particularly choice Karen-ish responses and share them with you below…


(1) No vaccine… no reopen?!

(2) OMG… I saw a kid playing with a puppy! Call the ATF/FBI/CIA!

(3) TDS

(4) More TDS

(5) Eat the Rich (plus some TDS)

(6) “Are you trying to kill us” by… letting people get fresh air and sunlight?

(7) h/t Bill Spadea

(8) Park employee who’s not done binging Netflix…

(9) “We need to stay inside until people aren’t stupid”

(10) “Freedom” is selfish