NJ-03: Gibbs, Richter mix it up directly on Facebook

MT. HOLLY, N.J. – Katie Gibbs and David Richter are like everyone else, Save Jerseyans: homebound indefinitely.

Unlike everyone else, the rivals are competing for the NJ-03 Republican nomination and the right to take on freshman Rep. Andy Kim in November. That means the battle is happening primarily online at the moment, and on Tuesday night the candidates mixed it up directly on Facebook over an ongoing transportation funding debate.

“Yes, David, there were a lot of cost overruns when people hired Hill,” charged Gibbs, referring to Richter’s former construction company. “Appreciate you admitting that. Your failure to manage the projects properly drove up costs.”

“Thanks for confirming I was right,” Richter countered. “In the article you just posted, the DOT commissioner said that “It seems to me WE’RE inflating the price. WE’RE doing this day after day,” he said of the AGENCY’S practices. He was criticizing the Turnpike Authority, not Hill. The truth is important Kate.”

Click here to check out the full exchange.

Some screenshots are posted below (the argument was ongoing at the time of this article’s publishing).