The CDC revised its website, and the guidance it changed should convince Murphy to reopen closed N.J. shops

WASHINGTON, D.C. – We got further proof this week that the nation’s leading scientific and medical minds still don’t understand COVID-19 very well at all despite frontline advances in treating the virus. There are some thing they’re figuring out (they think), and policymakers need to pay attention.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (or CDC) recently updated its “How COVID-19 Spreads” website, and the Media picked up on it this week. Guess what’s been revised?

“The virus does not spread easily in other ways,” the CDC explains, noting that contact with contaminated surfaces, objects, and even animals does not appear to be highly-likely mode of transmission.

However, unsurprisingly, the CDC emphasized that “[t]he virus spreads easily between people” and “is spreading very easily and sustainably between people.”

That’s big in my eyes, Save Jerseyans.


Think about the Boardwalk t-shirt shop or the local small business on your town’s mainstreet that sells arts and crafts. Thousands of similar businesses are currently shuttered across the state. If COVID-19 is unlikely to transmit from person-to-person through contact with the same  t-shirt? Or scented candle? Then there’s REALLY no reason to keep these businesses closed a second longer, arguably with mask usage/new occupancy requirements upon reopening.

The goal would be to limit direct human contact at that point. That’s achievable with some of the social-distancing restrictions already on the books.

We’re “following the science,” right Phil?

Well, here’s some new science for you. Act on it.