Ciattarelli: Latest N.J. Democrat budget deal “insulting,” “dishonest”

Ciattarelli: Latest N.J. Democrat budget deal “insulting,” “dishonest”

TRENTON, N.J. – 2021 Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli says the latest Democrat budget deal is a failure of leadership, but hardly the first.

“Once again, Governor Murphy and his allies have failed the people of New Jersey,” said Ciattarelli. “We should not be raising taxes on anyone in a state that already pays the highest taxes and suffers from the worst rate of outmigration in the nation.”

Late Wednesday, news broke of a deal between Trenton Democrat leaders to pass a millionaire’s tax in exchange for a one-time $500 rebate to a large percentage of state residents.

“[T]elling middle-class New Jerseyans you are giving them a tax rebate after borrowing $4 billion that they’ll have to repay for thirty years, raising their gas taxes to 50 cents a gallon, and increasing their tolls by 36% is equal parts insulting and offensive,” Ciattarelli added. “Frankly, it’s a dishonest bait and switch that proves this Governor will say or do anything to advance his tax, spend, and borrow agenda at the expense of our state’s future.”

“We need to fix New Jersey and this budget deal is proof that Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats are incapable of doing so,” the candidate concluded.