Malinowski’s spox denies that he knows Omar, at least well (despite serving on a committee with her?)

By Matt Rooney

Try to figure this one out, Save Jerseyans.

NJ-07 challenger Tom Kean Jr.’s campaign recently attempted to tie incumbent Democrat Tom Malinowski to “the Squad.” It’s a common GOP strategy this year (and a fair one). The fact that Team Malinowski responded isn’t noteworthy. How they responded is pretty interesting.

“The only way he’s met them would be in passing, due to serving in the same body,” Malinowksi spokesperson Benji Schwartz told Politico in a story on the race published Wednesday.

Ummm… what?

I don’t know whether they’re best friends. I do know that Malinowski and squad member Ilhan Omar (an extreme anti-Semite) serve together on the Foreign Affairs Committee. They expect us to believe that Malinowski and Omar haven’t had more than a “passing” encounter with Omar in two years? Really?

Oh, and here’s this photo:

Omar (left) and Malinowski (center) who we’re told barely know one another.

So either (1) Malinowski is a liar or (2) he’s made minimal effort over two years to get to know his committee colleagues.

You decide.