SPADEA: If you’re scared, you are not invited to dinner

By Bill Spadea

At the Spadea household, we have continued to entertain friends and family for the past several months ignoring the absurd directives from government bureaucrats and politicians. No one sick. No one dead. And I’ve been traveling, entertaining people from other states AND going to hot yoga four times a week.

Think about that for a minute. If I were listening to all the propaganda, I should be dead, at the very least struggling in the hospital with a ventilator. But I’m healthy. And my family is healthy. Thank God for that, because it is flu season and I remember the fear my wife and I shared in 2009 when our son got swine flu. He was thankfully OK.

All of us will deal with friends and family members who get sick. Sadly some will pass. But know this, you can’t stop a virus. All you can do is accept that it’s your responsibility to eat healthy and stay fit. Take your meds if you have a condition requiring it. And then go about your life. We have friends who have had coronavirus. Mild cold, loss of taste for a few weeks. Not pleasant, but certainly not deadly. And of course the real stats bear this out, under the age of 50, 99.98% chance of survival.

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Bill Spadea
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