N.J. begins vaccinating prisoners while nursing home residents continue to wait

N.J. begins vaccinating prisoners while nursing home residents continue to wait

BRIDGETON, N.J. – New Jersey’s curious vaccine priorities continue to engender head-scratching and deep concern as the New Year rapidly approaches. 

On Tuesday, The Press of Atlantic City reported that the state had begun vaccinating employees and inmates at South Woods State Prison located in Bridgeton, Cumberland County. The prisoners are being vaccinated at a time when thousands of long term care facility residents and frontline health care workers are still waiting for vaccines. New Jersey’s vaccine program in nursing homes was infamously delayed by a full week over the holidays when the Murphy Administration blew a federal reporting deadline. During that lost time, reported positive infections at nursing homes continued to accelerate.

Vaccinating prisoners is only the tip of the iceberg of the Administration’s strange priorities. With the purported goal of flattening the curve, the state has released thousands of inmates – many of them dangerous – and even prioritized getting released prisoners ID cards while average citizens languish in epic MVC lines.

Governor Phil Murphy has bragged about the strength of New Jersey’s “very good” vaccine program.

In reality, the state is currently ranked 6th worst nationally for usage of shipped vaccine dosages. At the beginning of this week, vaccinations at only begun at 90 of the state’s over 300 nursing home facilities.

New Jersey’s overall COVID-19 death rate is presently the country’s worst, outpacing other hot spots including New York and Massachusetts.