N.J. nursing home cases accelerate against the backdrop of Murphy’s vaccine screw up

N.J. nursing home cases accelerate against the backdrop of Murphy’s vaccine screw up

TRENTON, N.J. – Positive COVID-19 cases continue to grow in New Jersey’s nursing homes and residents remain unvaccinated after a Murphy Administration paperwork screw up.

Our favorite number cruncher – Twitter’s Woke Zombie – shared the latest available data on Tuesday afternoon.

The state’s nursing homes (which have experienced 7,100 deaths since the pandemic began) have now seen 1,061 cases over a 48 hour period (583 staff members and 478 residents since Sunday, December 20th:


The disturbing treadline comes admist a new report that the Murphy Administration actively sought to PENALIZE long-term care staff for masking up in the early, critical days of the pandemic back in March.

Murphy Inc.’s blown federal paperwork deadline means nursing home residents won’t be vaccinated until December 28th; had they done their jobs and met the deadline, vaccinations would’ve started on December 21st. What we’ll never know is how many of these new infections – and future resulting deaths – could’ve been avoided had vaccinations started on time.

State Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-13) wants answers.

“The Commissioner’s excuse that there was too much data that needed to be provided doesn’t hold water, because one need look no further than over our border with New York to find a state that managed to accomplish the task. So did officials in Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire and Maine,” O’Scanlon said on Tuesday. “That New Jersey apparently had the opportunity to receive approval to commence yesterday, and blew that opportunity, is outrageous. There must be a full investigation and those responsible must be held accountable. If the administration won’t do it, the legislature must.”