Steinhardt, Ciattarelli drop dueling lists of 100+ new endorsements

Steinhardt, Ciattarelli drop dueling lists of 100+ new endorsements

MT. HOLLY, N.J. – New Jersey’s Republican committee members are starting to line up behind one of two GOP contenders for the 2021 gubernatorial nomination. Still, there haven’t been any surprises. Not yet.

On Friday, the Burlington County GOP announced over 100 endorsements for Jack Ciattarelli; the campaign of his opponent Doug Steinhardt announced 100 of their own out of Warren County where Steinhardt serves as the county chairmen.

“I have watched Doug Steinhardt raise a family, build a business, serve as a small-town mayor and fight to make Warren County the most Republican territory in New Jersey, all right here in our backyard,” said Warren Sheriff James McDonald. “He is an honorable and impressive man and the best person to take on Phil Murphy. I am proud to call him a friend and I can’t wait to get to work on his campaign.”

“Phil Murphy’s attacks on small businesses and successful New Jerseyans drive residents out of the state every day,” said 8th District Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield. “We need to stop the bleeding and the first step is to get behind a candidate who can unseat Phil Murphy and bring a business perspective to the State House. I’m confident Jack Ciattarelli will lead that charge and I’m proud to support him.”

Here’s the list of Ciattarelli Burlco supporters:

Sean Earlen, Burlington County GOP Chairman
Bill Layton, Former Burlington County GOP Chairman
Glenn Paulsen, Former Burlington County GOP Chairman
Col. Mike Warner, Former Burlington County GOP Chairman
Linda Hughes, Burlington County GOP Vice Chair
Mike Locatell, Burlington County GOP Sergeant at Arms and Moorestown Councilman
Abby Bargar, Burlington County GOP Secretary & Pemberton Township GOP Chair
Jesse Estlow, Burlington County GOP Executive Director & Woodland GOP Chair
Victoria Napolitano, NJ GOP State Committeewoman, Moorestown Councilwoman & Former Mayor
Diane Allen, Former State Senator
Ryan Peters, Assemblyman
Jean Stanfield, Assemblywoman
Larry Chatzidakis, Former Assemblyman and Burlington County Freeholder
Gerry Nardello, Former Assemblywoman and Mount Laurel Mayor
Joe Donnelly, Former Burlington County Freeholder and Cinnaminson Mayor
Kate Gibbs, Former Burlington County Freeholder
Stacey Jordan, Former Burlington County Freeholder and Moorestown Mayor
Latham Tiver, Former Burlington County Freeholder and Southampton Committeeman
Steve Parrey, Burlington County Young Republicans Chairman
Helen Hazard, Bass River GOP Chair
Deb Buzby-Cope, Bass River Mayor
Bob Thibault, Beverly City GOP Chair
Vince Reilly, Bordentown City GOP Chair
Thomas Swan, Burlington City GOP Chair & Councilman
Velina Riggi, Burlington Township GOP Chair
Lido Panfilli, Chesterfield GOP Chair & Chesterfield Committeeman
Jeremy Leidtka, Chesterfield Mayor
Roger Hare, Cinnaminson GOP Chair
Kevin McGill, Cinnaminson Republican Club President
Ryan Horner, Cinnaminson Mayor
Albert Segrest, Cinnaminson Deputy Mayor
Paul Conda, Cinnaminson Committeeman
Stephanie Kravil, Cinnaminson Committeewoman
Ernie McGill, Cinnaminson Committeeman
Steve Jass, Delanco GOP Chair
John Browne, Delanco Committeeman
Kate Fitzpatrick, Delanco Committeewoman
Mike Piper, Delran GOP Chair
John Adams, Eastampton GOP Chair
George Nyikita, Edgewater Park GOP Chair
Michael Troso, Evesham GOP Chair
Jay Levenson, Evesham Republican Club President
Drew Wilson, Evesham Republican Club President-elect
Bob DiEnna, Evesham Councilman
Pat Benedetti, Florence GOP Chair
Paul Ostrander, Florence Councilman
Jerry Sandusky, Florence Councilman
David Woolston, Florence Councilman
Bruce MacLachlan, Hainesport Mayor
Leila Gilmore, Hainesport Deputy Mayor
Gerry Clauss, Hainesport Committeeman
Lew Jackson, Lumberton GOP Chair & Former Lumberton Mayor
Jim Dwyer, Lumberton Committeeman
Kristin Januseski, Former Lumberton Deputy Mayor
Janice DiGiuseppe, Mansfield GOP Chair & Mansfield Mayor
Michael Magee, Mansfield Deputy Mayor
Rudy Ocello, Mansfield Committeeman
Dave Moy, Maple Shade GOP Chair
Bruno DiStefano, Medford Lakes GOP Chair
Brandon Umba, Medford Township GOP Chair
Chuck Watson, Medford Mayor
Frank Czekay, Medford Deputy Mayor
Brad Denn, Medford Councilman
Lauren Kochan, Medford Councilwoman
Erik Rebstock, Medford Councilman
Vinny Napolitano, Moorestown GOP Chair
Jamie Boren, Moorestown Republican Club President
Chris Chiacchio, Former Moorestown Mayor
Manny Delgado, Former Moorestown Mayor
Phil Garwood, Former Moorestown Mayor
John Francescone, Mount Laurel GOP Chair
Linda Bobo, Mount Laurel Deputy Mayor
Irwin Edelson, Mount Laurel Committeeman
Dennis Riley, Former Mount Laurel Mayor
Dennis Roohr, New Hanover GOP Chair
Rick Koshak, New Hanover Deputy Mayor
Patrick Murphy, New Hanover Committeeman
Nicholas Pawlyzyn, New Hanover Committeeman
Ron DeBacke, North Hanover GOP Chair & North Hanover Mayor
Chris Doyle, North Hanover Committeeman
Dave Forsyth, North Hanover Committeeman
Michelle Arnold, Palmyra GOP Chair & Former Mayor
George Ward, Pemberton Borough GOP Chair
Kathi Ulrich, Pemberton Borough GOP Vice Chair
Mike Hart, Riverside GOP Chair
Lisa Threston, Riverton GOP Chair
Sean Gray, Shamong GOP Chair & Committeeman
Mike DiCroce, Shamong Mayor
Elizabeth Rossell, Southampton GOP Chair & Deputy Mayor
Mike Mikulski, Southampton Mayor
Bill Raftery, Southampton Committeeman
Christiana Bucs, Springfield GOP Chair
Bob Welsch, Springfield Republican Club President
Denis McDaniel, Springfield Mayor
Anthony Marinello, Springfield Deputy Mayor
Andy Eaton, Springfield Committeeman-Elect
John Hlubik, Springfield Committeeman
Pete Sobotka, Springfield Committeeman
Mark LeMire, Tabernacle GOP Chair
Nancy Burkley, Westampton GOP Chair
Bill DeGroff, Woodland Mayor
Derrick Daniels, Woodland Committeeman
Mark Herndon, Woodland Committeeman

And there’s the list of Warren Steinhardt backers:

Sheriff James McDonald
Freeholder-Elect and WCRC Treasurer Lori Ciesla 
Freeholder and State Committeeman Jason Sarnoski
Freeholder Jim Kern
Freeholder and Franklin Municipal Chair Rick Gardner
Former Sheriff Sal Simonetti
State Committeewoman Mary Van Lieu
Warren County Republican Committee Vice-Chairwoman Nancy Brown
Former County Chairman and Former Speaker of the House Chuck Haytaian
Allamuchy Mayor Rick Lomonaco
Allamuchy Council Rosemary Tuohy
Allamuchy Council Jim Cotes
Allamuchy Council Manny Quinoa
Allamuchy Council Doug Ochwat
Allamuchy Municipal Chair Scott Churchill
Alpha Council Jennifer Gable
Alpha Council Pete Pettinelli
Alpha Council Todd Pantuso 
Belvidere Mayor and Municipal Chair Joe Kennedy
Belvidere Councilwoman Kathy Miers
Belvidere Councilwoman Laurel Napolitano
Belvidere Councilman Glen Matlock
Belvidere Councilman Joseph Roth
Belvidere Councilman Don Mitchell
Belvidere Councilman Adam Zmigrodski
Belvidere Former Mayor Linda Stettler
Blairstown Mayor Steve Lance
Blairstown Mayor-Elect Walter Orcutt
Blairstown Township Committee Rob Moorhead
Blairstown Township Committee Debra Waldron
Blairstown Township Committee Steven Sikkes
Franklin Mayor Jeff DeAngelis
Franklin Township Committee-Elect Bonnie Butler
Frelinghuysen Former Mayor Dale Durling Sr
Greenwich Mayor Bob Barsony
Greenwich Deputy Mayor Paul Beam
Greenwich Township Committee-Elect Brian Bayor
Greenwich Township Committee Frank Marchetta
Greenwich Township Committee Brad Parrone
Greenwich Former Mayor William Spencer
Greenwich Municipal Chair Nicholas Braughton
Hackettstown Mayor Jerry DiMaio
Hackettstown Councilman Jim Lambo
Hackettstown Councilman Eric Tynan
Hackettstown Councilman Scott Sheldon
Hackettstown Councilman Jody Becker
Hackettstown Councilman Leonard Kunz
Hackettstown Councilman Matthew Engelau
Hackettstown Former Mayor Maria DiGiovanni
Hardwick Councilman Jim Perry
Hardwick Municipal Chair Judith Butcher
Harmony Mayor and Municipal Chair Brian Tipton
Harmony Township Committee Rich Cornely 
Harmony Township Committee Diane Yamrock
Hope Township Committee Terry Urfer
Hope Township Committee John Kruk
Independence Mayor Bob Giordano
Knowlton Mayor Adele Starrs
Knowlton Deputy Mayor Debra Shipps
Knowlton Municipal Chair William Clifford
Liberty Mayor John Inscho
Liberty Township Committee-Elect Wayne Spangenberg
Liberty Township Committee Micheal Beyer
Liberty Township Committee Peter Karcher
Liberty Township Committee David Rogers
Liberty Township Committee Dan Grover
Liberty Municipal Chair and WCRC Secretary Jodee Inscho
Lopatcong Mayor and Municipal Chair Jim Mengucci
Lopatcong Councilman Joe Pryor 
Lopatcong Councilman Lou Belcaro 
Lopatcong Councilman Bill Wright
Lopatcong Councilman Jim Palito 
Lopatcong Former Councilwoman Yvonne Reitemeyer
Mansfield Mayor Joe Watters
Mansfield Deputy Mayor Ron Hayes
Mansfield Township Committee Glenn McGuinness
Mansfield Township Committee Joe Farino
Mansfield Township Committee Desiree Mora Dillon
Oxford Mayor Bob Nyland
Oxford Deputy Mayor Gerald Norton
Oxford Township Committee Georgette Miller
Oxford Municipal Chair Angelo Accetturo
Phillipsburg Mayor Todd Tersigni 
Phillipsburg Council Randy Piazza
Phillipsburg Council Harry Wyant
Phillipsburg Council Frank McVey
Phillipsburg Council Bobby Fulper
Phillipsburg Former Mayor & Current County Committee Gloria Decker
Pohatcong Mayor Dave Slack
Pohatcong Council Kevil Melvin
Washington Borough Mayor Dave Higgins
Washington Borough Council Keith Norris
Washington Borough Council Louann Cox
Washington Borough Municipal Chairman Dale Parichuk 
Washington Borough Former Councilman Robert Torres
Washington Township Mayor Robert Klingel
Washington Township Deputy Mayor Mark Rossi
Washington Township Committee Ralph Fiore
Washington Township Committee-Elect Michael Kovacs
Washington Township Committee George Willan
White Township Mayor Jeff Herb
White Township Deputy Mayor and Municipal Chair Sam Race
White Township Committee-Elect Anne Skoog