Governors begging Biden to lift the SALT cap should stop bitching, lower taxes

Governors begging Biden to lift the SALT cap should stop bitching, lower taxes

Phil Murphy joined the governors of California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, New York and Oregon on Friday, Save Jerseyans, co-signing a boorish two-page letter asking Joe Biden to repeal the Trump-era SALT cap.

We’ve heard it all before. The same crop of governors complained (and Murphy sued) after the 2017 tax law change that capped state and local tax deductions at $10,000. Ironically, the Biden folks seem to be wise to what many of us have been saying from the beginning: repealing the SALT cap would help those at the higher end of the income spectrum, something Democrats usually say they’re loathe to support.

What we still haven’t heard from these elected imbeciles?

A plan to lower state and local tax burdens.

It’s no coincidence that each of these states is run by Democrats AND, with the exception of Illinois, are among the nation’s worst tax climates. California (#49), Connecticut (#44), Hawaii (#47), New Jersey (#50), New York (#48), and Oregon (#38) are all sucking wind while states like Florida and Texas power along.

We’re years into this SALT cap and not one Democrat governor has made a serious attempt to make it so their residents don’t need a massive federal break (in the form of an open-ended SALT deduction) to survive tax day without an ulcer. Phil Murphy straight up told people to leave who don’t like his policies.

The average property tax bill in New Jersey right now is $9,112. Isn’t THAT the proximate issue? Not how much the IRS will let us write off in an increasingly vain attempt to pretend the problem doesn’t exist?

Blaming someone else for the consequences of your decisions is always easier. Unfortunately for taxpayers here and in these other “blue” states, easy doesn’t produce better results.

Stop bitching, guys. Lower taxes. Relying on Joe Biden for anything isn’t a real plan!