LD8: Is Addiego taking her reopening cues from Bill DeBlasio?

LD8: Is Addiego taking her reopening cues from Bill DeBlasio?

Phil Murphy took his pandemic restriction cues from Andrew Cuomo, Save Jerseyans, which turned out to be as disastrous as any sane person expected.

Republican turncoat State Senator Dawn Addiego (D-8) continues to lean into her new role as a leading South Jersey leftist. Not only did she give Murphy high marks for his handling of COVID-19, but now she’s taking her reopening decision cues from… Comrade Bill DeBlasio!

After months of silence, Addiego announced on Friday that – in her opinion – July 1st is the magic date for a full reopening.

“As vaccination rates continue to rise, we should aim to fully reopen the state by July 1,” she said in a statement. “People and businesses need time and resources to plan the launch of our new normal. Setting the July date, and passing legislation I introduced to provide $300 million in additional aid to small businesses will give them the lead time and support necessary to ensure their success this summer and beyond.”

I actually agree with those who point out that businesses might need a week or two to prepare for a “return to normal.”

Two months? Really? You’re losing your mind, Dawn. Seek help immediately.

Where did July 1st come from?

Where’s her math? What happens on July 1st?

The only reasonable conclusion is that Addiego saw what DeBlasio said a couple of days ago (who said NYC will fully reopen on July 1st) and decided to borrow it.