The Woke Randolph BOE is restoring holiday names to the school calendar. Take note, GOP!

The Woke Randolph BOE is restoring holiday names to the school calendar. Take note, GOP!

A couple of weeks after its board of education voted to eliminate school holiday calendar names, Save Jerseyans, the Randolph BOE reportedly voted Monday evening to reverse course and restore Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Jewish holy holidays, etc. They even reversed a May decision to dump Columbus Day for that least authentic of all woke holidays, “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

It’s a good day for the children of Randolph. It’s also a politically instructive victory for anyone paying attention.

Randolph is one of those Morris County towns that explains how Joe Biden just became the first Democrat since LBJ in 1964 to carry the county in a presidential election. The mayor is Republican. The town council is all-Republican. Chris Christie nearly hit 69% of the vote in Randolph in 2013! But McCain only posted a single-digit victory there in 2008, and Trump lost it twice – in both 2016 and 2020.

In 2017? Kim Guadagno won by 28 votes out over 7,000 cast for her and Murphy combined!

So it’s not “blue” at all, but it’s undeniably following the trend of other affluent, educated blue state burbs in recent years, a trendline which surfaced pre-Trump but accelerated in 2016 and 2020.

What Randolph’s school calendar backlash tells me: the Left may’ve finally pushed suburbanites a bit too far.

New Jersey Republican candidates running in 2021 and 2022 need to take note. If you run a conventional “we’ll tax you a little less than the Dems” campaign? You’re likely to lose in conventional fashion.

Grow a pair. Aggressively challenge the Left on wokeness, and not just because wokeness is factually bankrupt at its core. Make the point that it’s divisive. It invents problems and, in those instances where the problem is genuine, woke “solutions” ultimately prove worse than the cure for our communities. You also need to point out the obvious: it’s hurting our children who deserve to celebrate HALLOWEEN, not “October 31st,” because some crunchy asshole liberal weirdo at last month’s PTA meeting thinks begging for candy is “problematic.”

These wokers play the role of victim but are, in fact, the worst species of bully. Stand up to bullies? They eventually back down when others realize they’re full of it.

Most of all, trust that your fellow Americans will see through this nonsense and make the right choice when someone – maybe you? – is willing to offer a full-throated defense of common sense in an era where it seems all-too uncommon. We’re in this together, and we’ll only win the future for our kids if we refuse to let these losers divide and conquer us.