Bill Spadea launches 501(c)(4) group

Bill Spadea launches 501(c)(4) group

NJ 101.5 radio host Bill Spadea is making moves this week, Save Jerseyans, launching a brand new 501(c)(4) nonprofit issue advocacy organization dubbed “The Common Sense Club.”

“Government and corporate elites devised a response to COVID-19 which has only exacerbated current problems, crushing small businesses by driving our workforce away from their jobs and threatening everyone’s freedom with endless mandates and questionable motives which are causing more harm than good, especially for our children,” the organization’s website explains.

Criticism of the Murphy Administration’s COVID-19 policies has taken centerstage on Spadea’s morning drive-time radio program over the past 1 1/2 years. Child masking, vaccine passports, auditing state taxes and reforming school funding are among the highlighted issues on the Common Sense Club’s state agenda.

Spadea tells Save Jersey the org is already raising money and making aggressive plans for its future.

Frequently cited as a possible future candidate for high office, Spadea is a retired U.S. marine, former television host, real estate industry executive and, most recently, the owner of a production company that just produced a movie for Lifetime television.

Non-profit groups have become major players in American politics and leading producers of paid political content. A pro-Murphy 501(c)(4) named “New Direction New Jersey” has raked in millions of dollars over the years, primarily from the politically powerful NJEA.