New Jersey’s five reddest counties coming out of 2021

New Jersey’s five reddest counties coming out of 2021

We verified on November 2nd that New Jersey is more purple than blue, Save Jerseyans.

These are the five reddest counties in New Jersey based upon how they voted in the 2021 gubernatorial election:

Ocean County

The deep red Republican Jersey Shore County almost single-handedly made Chris Christie a governor in 2009. This year? It went 67.5% for Jack Ciattarelli, a 35.7-point win county-wide over Phil Murphy (31.8%). 

Murphy (left) and Sussex County’s administration building (right).

Sussex County

New Jersey’s northernmost county is also one of its reddest; Jack Ciattarelli posted a massive 34.8-point win here (66.8% to 32%). 

Warren County

Named after Joseph Warren, hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill, Warren County is deeply red. It gave the 2021 GOP nominee a 29.6-point victory (64.2% to 34.6%).

Salem County

New Jersey’s least populous county is home to the legendary Cowtown Rodeo and rests inside Senator-elect Edward Durr’s district. Salem went 64.1% to 35% for Ciattarelli this fall, a 29.1-point victory.

Cape May County

Home to some of the Jersey Shore’s most iconic beach towns, Cape May County – the state’s southernmost county – went 62.8% to 36.7% for Jack Ciattarelli (a 26.1-point rout).