Morris Co. Sherriff, on Disney vacation, helps police subdue unruly man at airport

Morris County Sheriff Jim Gannon was minding his own business, Save Jerseyans, enjoying a memorable Disney vacation with his daughter and grandkids. Then, last Thursday while in transit between Florida and New Jersey, his day job followed him to Florida.

Gannon (a Republican and former Boonton cop with four decades of law enforcement experience) helped authorities subdue a reportly drunk man at Orlando airport who was captured on cell phone camera shouting obscenities and threats. The wild video is posted below; Gannon is the man in green around the 4 minute and 15-second mark.

Authorities ultimately needed to use a taser.

Gannon – first elected to a three-year term in 2016 – hasn’t advertised his role in the incident, but a Save Jersey reader came across the footage.

“With all the unfair media coverage of law enforcement, Jim is proof that a police officer is never off duty,” said Chris Russell, Gannon’s campaign  consultant when asked for comment. “On vacation to Disney with his grandkids, Jim could have stayed in his seat, but instead he jumped in to subdue a violent individual and help local officers. I’m proud to work for him and New Jersey should be proud he’s one of our own.”

Kudos to the sheriff for laying down the law on his week off!

Watch below (h/t Orlando News 6):

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