N.J. Democrats block GOP school safety bill

How serious are Trenton Democrats about confronting school safety in the wake of another gut-wrenching school shooting, this time in Uvalde, Texas?

I think you know the answer, Save Jerseyans.

On Thursday, Trenton Democrats blocked a bill (A303) sponsored by Assemblywoman Kim Eulner (R-11) to improve school safety training. A probe is presently underway concerning the police response to the Uvalde shooting amid allegations that the police were unprepared.

Democrat Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin promptly blocked the motion. Assemblyman John McKeon, also a Democrat, claimed that the motion was out-of-order. Speaker Coughlin ultimately refused to move the bill to second reading.

Eulner, whose bill would require every New Jersey police officer to receive specific training on school emergencies including active shooters, advocated for her bill from the floor as the Democrat majority looked on blankly…

“The only thing that stopped the Assembly from taking action after Uvalde today was the speaker moving a bill from first to second reading,” said Eulner. “All Republicans were asking for was to pass a bill that would have required training for police so they are prepared if, God forbid, a school shooting happens in New Jersey.”

19 schoolchildren and two teachers were gunned down this week at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas by an 18-year old who was reportedly a known nut.

Matt Rooney
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