Heritage Action targets Sherrill, Malinowski over “Build Back Better” Part 2

Heritage Action targets Sherrill, Malinowski over “Build Back Better” Part 2

The grassroots group Heritage Action launched a six-figure investment this week in five 2022 battlegrounds – Georgia, West Virginia, Nevada, Maine, Texas and New Jersey – in opposition to the second version of “Build Back Better” currently working its way through the backrooms of Capitol Hill.

Targets of the $200,000 buy – much of which is dedicated to digital ads – include Georgia Democrat Senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, West Virginia swing Senator Joe Manchin, and New Jersey incumbents Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) and Tom Malinowski (NJ-07).

“Representatives Mikie Sherrill and Tom Malinowksi both have lifetime scores of 0% on Heritage Action’s Scorecard because they consistently support legislation that adds to inflation and erodes our American values — this latest version of Build Back Better is no different,” said Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson. “Last year’s gubernatorial race showed how the tide is turning against the Left and their reckless spending policies in New Jersey. Now, as inflation soars and the Left makes excuses for their failing economy, Heritage Action has launched a six-figure digital and grassroots campaign to urge these members to oppose Build Back Better and be accountable to New Jersey voters and their interests.”

It’s expected that the Democrats’ desire to do/pass/accomplish something before the Midterms will only make matters worse for the inflation-battered Middle Class.

“[A]s Democrats negotiate the newest iteration of their socialist nightmare—the so-called Build Back Better Act—that is exactly what they are planning to do. This plan would increase inflationary pressures with shortage-inducing price controls on prescription drugs and an increase in spending for Obamacare subsidies,”explained the Heritage Foundation. “If this sounds like the approach of the 1970s, it is—rapidly expanding federal spending and the money supply, and ultimately triggering double-digit inflation. Then, too, rather than rein in spending, Washington resorted to price controls.”

The U.S. economy will have a big day on Thursday as a bizarre back-and-forth is likely to ensue as to whether the country is in a recession.

On Wednesday, the Fed enacted yet another huge rate hike in an attempt to curb the highest levels of inflation in forty years.