Tammy Murphy, whose husband and soccer team treat women like crap, will headline “menstrual equality summit”

I hope you didn’t eat lunch yet, Save Jerseyans…

The Murphy couple’s soccer team is once again in the news for – surprise! – allegations of treating female employees like absolute garbage. It’s only the latest in a long line of examples of the Murphy Administration using “pro-woman” rhetoric but coming up woefully short when the treatment of actual women in its orbit is in the spotlight.

Need an example of rhetoric and performative virtue-signaling trumping actual humanity?

Look no further than the upcoming “Menstrual Health Equity Summit” planned for October 22nd at NJIT:

Discussing periods with Queen Tammy sounds about as fun as eating raw onions dipped in sewage while loud circus music plays on loop.

What’s more, I highly doubt the impact of Bidenflation on the affordability of personal hygiene products will enter in the discussion!

And where are the male panelists? I thought they could have periods, too?

It’s a hard pass from me either way.

But this is also an actual “movement,” not simply something the far-Left Murphy Administration invented. Recently, a Democrat bill designed to put taxpayer-financed menstration-related products in public schools had to be amended to specify girls’ bathrooms only.

Creating victims – whether they be young girls living below the poverty line or soccer plays employed by the governor – is the ONLY thing that Democrats like the Murphys do well.

Matt Rooney
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