WEIRD SCIENCE: Passaic schools reinstitute mask mandate effective today

It didn’t happen all at once, but there’s been a shift in thinking over the past year and a growing acceptance of the obvious (for some of us): masks didn’t work. In fact, USC and UCLA experts recently concluded that Los Angeles’s own mask mandate didn’t work. Moreover, the CDC’s claims concerning the virtues of school masking specifically have never been supported by data, something scientists are supposed to by guided by!

But the public school system is still run by far-Left wackos, and masking for them is about virtue-signaling, ideology, and control.

There’s no other way to read the Passaic Public Schools’ decision to reinstitute mandatory masking for K-12 students beginning today (see below).

You’ll note that the super’s letter makes NO mention of the science underlying the decision, only that the subjective level of Covid-19 activity in the district is elevated:

Matt Rooney
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