Spadea backs letting Russia keep Donbas

War isn’t a state issue, Save Jerseyans, but all politics is national (or international as the case may be) in 2023. NJ 101.5’s Bill Spadea – a likely candidate for governor in 2025 – acutely understand this.

Over the weekend, Spadea called out ex-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his support of ongoing military aid to Ukraine.

“Ridiculous Mike,” Spadea quote-tweeted. “There was a diplomatic solution over Russian claims to an area with nearly all Russian speakers. To suggest spending billions more on weaponry to a corrupt fascist regime in Kyiv is why you should never be a president. Stop calling for escalation.”

Russia’s grip on the Donbas region – where pro-Kremlin partisans were plentiful before the war and many residents speak Russian – has grown more precarious in recent days as Putin’s war has devolved into a stalemate.

Regardless of whether you agree with the sentiment, Spadea’s position may be smart primary politics.

The results of a new CBS/YouGov poll found 55% of Republicans supportive of providing military aid to Ukraine in its war with Russia; that’s a steep drop from 80% in March 2022 and 68% in July 2022. 

Spadea is expected to announce a gubernatorial bid sometime in 2024 but he’s remained busy in the interim traveling around the state in support of his ‘Common Sense Club’ organization. 2021 nominee Jack Ciattarelli has already declared his intention to run for a third time.

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