Go Woke and Go Broke

I grew up watching Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color on Sunday nights and our family made the requisite pilgrimage to Disney World several times during my childhood.  In fact, I was so enthralled by the experience that I remember telling my friends that when I died, I wanted to be cremated and have half my ashes spread over Yankee Stadium and half over Disney World. 

I also remember visiting the Magic Kingdom on spring break in 1982 and Epcot on our honeymoon in 1985.  Those are cherished memories that will remain exactly that – memories – never to be replaced with new ones, because I absolutely refuse to step foot on Disney property as a paying customer as long as their corporate policy is to embrace and promote Progressive ideology.

Don’t get me wrong.  I will continue to watch the classic Disney movies on DVD, especially the 1973 animated version of Robin Hood, my all-time favorite.  And I still enjoy Donald Duck’s irreverent humor and Baloo’s rendition of “Bare Necessities.”  However, you won’t catch me putting down a plug nickel if it will wind up in Disney’s woke coffers.

Sadly, Disney is just one example of corporations across America that promote a liberal agenda, undermine traditional values, and make war on the nuclear family.  And do you know why they do?  Because they can.  And do you know why they can?  Because otherwise conservative consumers continue to plunk down billions of dollars every year patronizing these companies and buying their wares.

What would happen if God-fearing people across the country started to put their money where their mouth was… or where their values supposedly lie?  Disney, Hollywood, and every entertainment outlet in America would get the message loud and clear.  But instead, we vacation at Disney World, shop at Target, and treat ourselves to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  Like a bunch of lemmings, we leap over the cliff, leaving our wallets safely behind in the clutches of these corporate deviants bent on destroying the America we know and love.

I realize that it is impossible to know where every company stands on political and moral issues, but some of them are so “in your face” that even a dispassionate and undiscerning customer can decipher the difference.  Multiply that singular shopper by tens of millions of others, and we may just turn this country around.

It won’t take guns and ammunitions.  On the contrary, it will simply take pocketbooks.

Dale Glading
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Dale Glading is an ordained minister and former N.J. Republican candidate for Congress.