Murphy, Booker fall in line behind Biden’s 2024 campaign

They’re all-in for 2028, Save Jerseyans. No other choice!

Notwithstanding Joe Biden’s abysmal reelect numbers, Phil Murphy and Cory Booker dutifully endorsed their party’s octogenarian standard bearer on Tuesday after President Biden announced the soft launch of his reelection campaign.

“President @JoeBiden has shown remarkable leadership getting our country back on track while protecting our freedoms from right-wing extremists,” tweeted Murphy. “Excited to support his reelection and for @DemGovs to continue our strong partnership getting things done for the American people.”

Murphy has made multiple moves in recent months to improve his nation reach including establishing political action committees.

Meanwhile, Spartacus hailed a first term of “historic levels of progress” without (tellingly) citing any concrete examples.

“As President @JoeBiden has achieved historic levels of progress,” tweeted Booker. “I am thrilled to support him and @KamalaHarris for a second term.”

Matt Rooney
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