REPORT: N.J. taxpayers have already spent nearly $500k in 2023 on prisoner transgender procedures, care

Some country club GOP-types complain that they’re tired of the culture wars, but the Left doesn’t share their fatigue. In fact, the Murphy Administration is moving full-steam ahead with its policy of using tax dollars to pursue woke policies.

Here’s arguably the most extreme example to date: according to NJ 101.5, “New Jersey taxpayers are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on gender-affirming care and sex-change surgeries for violent and serious offenders behind bars.” The year-to-date total is apparently $467,000.

“In response to an inquiry by New Jersey 101.5, the Department of Corrections confirmed four such surgical procedures this fiscal year alone. Many people now refer to these procedures as gender-affirming surgeries,” wrote NJ 101.5’s Erin Vogt. “It was not immediately clear how many prisoners have received gender-affirming surgeries in previous years — but one prisoner who did get the sex reassignment procedures did so while serving a 50-year sentence for the murder of a female sex worker.”

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Last year, a “transgender woman” (read: a dude) impregnated two woman at New Jersey’s women’s prison before being transferred to another facility.

Matt Rooney
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