Upset over Clarence Thomas? Wait until you hear about Bob Menendez!

Clarence Thomas, his wife, and their long-time friends reportedly took a bunch of trips paid for by the friends (another couple). From what I’ve read, Save Jerseyans? The other couple hasn’t personally appeared in front of the justice, the best they can come up with is that the husband allegedly donated to groups which happened to file amicus briefs (really?), and no one is able to point to any law or rule prohibiting any of it, so… what is this really about? Other than the latest exhibition of the Left’s long-standing hostility to America’s best-known black conservative mind?

And by the way: wait until these Leftists hear about Bob Mendenez!

New Jersey’s senior senator has found himself living under a cloud of suspicion for as long as he’s been in Washington. The Hudson County pol’s reputation for transactional politics is as notorious as the political culture of his home turf itself.

Menendez was indicted in 2015 after he was accused of accepting “bribes” which amounted to expensive gifts (including free travel to the Dominican Republican and Paris, France) from his long-time friend, Salomon Melgen. Federal prosecutors insisted Menendez’s buddy’s gifts and donations weren’t just friendly gestures but were intended to, among other items, secure Menendez’s assistance with a port-security contract issue. He was also accused of making false statements for having to omitted the disclosure of said gifts (Congress has stricter gift-related rules than the federal judiciary). Menendez’s trial ended not in an acquittal but a hung jury, and Melgen – after being convicted of the largest Medicare scam in modern history – received a pardon from Donald Trump.

Flash forward several years, and Menendez is once again facing an investigation pertaining to “lavish gifts’ which, allegedly, “Menendez’s wife received from a New Jersey food producer that obtained an exclusive contract with the Egyptian government to certify Halal food exports across the globe.”

Last time around? New Jersey Democrats stood behind Menendez. Some actually came to the courthouse in a show of support. No Democrats with any stature or volume demanded his resignation.

It remains to be seen if they’d turn out for a second hypothetical federal corruption trial. As of now, no one on his side of the aisle is insisting that Menendez step down from his perch in the most famous deliberative body in the world.

What we do know: anyone upset over Clarence Thomas but silent on Bob Menendez is either (1) painfully ignorant or (2) nakedly partisan. There are only two possibilities!

Matt Rooney
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