Biden SOS: CNN poll finds incumbent winning only 60% of Democrat primary voters

Uncle Joe could be in big trouble next fall, Save Jerseyans, assuming increasingly concerned Democrat leaders don’t replace him on the ticket between now and then. “Big” trouble as in “might not even make it past the end of 2023 as a candidate for reelection ” big.

A brand new pre-Memorial Day Weekend CNN poll discovered that no less than “60 percent of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters say they back Biden for the top of next year’s Democratic ticket, 20 percent favor activist and lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and 8 percent back author Marianne Williamson. Another 8 percent say they would support an unnamed ‘someone else.’”

Calling this bad news for Biden is arguably an understatement.

Kennedy is a famous name, sure, but his criticism of contemporary Democrat priorities, well-known opposition to vaccines and willingness to call out Hunter Biden-related corruption make him a less-than-likely standard bearer for the currently-constituted Democrat coalition. Biden is also an incumbent with unanimous support from his party’s establishment.

Ironically, the only incumbent president in modern times with a worse intra-party primary position was Jimmy Carter who, at one point, trailed RFK Jr.’s late great uncle (Ted Kennedy) in some of the 1980 Democrat primary polling.

Matt Rooney
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