Mendham’s GOP mayor announces challenge to Bob Menendez

Mendham Mayor Christine Serrano Glassner says she’s prepared to take on and defeat Bob Menendez in 2024.

The North Jersey businesswoman and mother of two announced her run on Monday morning along with a web video highlighting her experience.

“Today, I am announcing my decision to run for the U.S. Senate because New Jersey deserves better than this dark cloud of corruption that has been following Bob Menendez for a decade,” said Serrano Glassner. “As a fighter for New Jersey residents and businesses throughout my career in federal and state government and based on my experience as a mom and a mayor, I am ready to go to work. We need a leader to fight for the hardworking men and women of New Jersey – and for America. I am that leader, and I will defeat Bob Menendez and end his career of cronyism.”

Menendez is certainly no stranger to allegations of cronyism; he escaped jail time only when his last federal indictment ended in a hung jury, and the Department of Justice is presently said to be considering new charges related to “lavish gifts Menendez’s wife, Nadine Arslanian, allegedly received from a New Jersey food producer that obtained an exclusive contract with the Egyptian government to certify halal food exports across the globe.”

The Serrano Glassner family is also close with Trump World. Her husband worked on the former president’s 2016 campaign and later served as Trump’s 2020 campaign chief operating officer.

“We need a fighter – someone who believes hardworking Americans matter, and who will stop Joe Biden’s failed economic policies. Someone who believes parents’ rights matter, and who will keep woke ideology out of our schools. And we need someone who will stand up to Washington, D.C. and do what’s right for New Jersey,” she added. “Bob Menendez has failed New Jersey – because he’s more interested in enriching himself and his cronies than he is in delivering for hardworking New Jersey families. That’s why it’s high time for ‘Funny Money’ Menendez to be put into permanent retirement.”

Another possible Menendez challenger is Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff, Chris Christie’s state treasurer who endorsed Joe Biden for president in 2020.

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