Vin Gopal’s N.J. Senate education committee hasn’t met in 242 days

In case you haven’t noticed, Save Jerseyans, the American education system is at the center of multiple politically-combustible debates at the moment.

Parental rights.

Sexual education.

Post-Covid learning loss.

Special interest intervention in school board races.

So wouldn’t it be an exceptionally appropriate and important time for the New Jersey Senate Education Committee to meet? Take testimony? Consider legislation and exercise OVERSIGHT over the Murphy Administration? Apparently not? State Senator Vin Gopal (D-11) chairs the committee but he hasn’t convened a meeting of said committee since March 2, 2023, 242 days ago.

“As Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, @vingopal should be tending to the people’s business,” Gopal’s Republican opponent Steve Dnistrian declared on X. “But for the past 242 days, he hasn’t bothered. He’s too busy distancing himself from his own voting record and @GovMurphy. Vote ‘em out!!”

Dnistrian is referring to Gopal’s key legislative role in advancing the Murphy Administration’s assault on parental rights and your kids’ school curriculum. Perhaps Gopal believes if they don’t meet then it never happened?

For now, the Murphy Administration will continue unchecked unless Monmouth County voters head to the polls this November and upgrade their representation.


Matt Rooney
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