Megyn Kelly confronts Christie with his unpopularity at GOP debate

I didn’t bother watching Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate, Save Jerseyans. Would you watch a race when the gold medal was already awarded in another heat? Of course not! Boring.

But Trump’s absence notwithstanding, it appears Chris Christie aka Fatty McThunderbiscuits had another exceptionally rough night. Specifically, moderator Megyn Kelly decided to confront Christie over the futility of his second quixotic presidential quest, and she contrasted Trump’s great polling with Christie’s own abysmal numbers to make her point.

It was devastating.

“Voters may wonder how you could possibly become the nominee of a party that does not appear to like you very much?” Kelly asked Christie.

“The fact is that when you go and you say the truth about somebody who is a dictator, a bully, who has taken shots at everybody, whether they’ve given him great service or not, over time… who dares to disagree with him?” a visibly irritated Christie complained.

A new Monmouth Poll validates Kelly’s observation: only 12% of national Republican primary voters have a favorable opinion of the ex-governor. Trump and the other debate participants are all in position territory.

Christie later appeared to express some frustrations to Kelly (see below).

“This is not a Roy Roger’s, Chris. No refunds,” quipped Benny Johnson on X:

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