N.J. Republicans closed their registration gap with Democrats by another 6k in February

Democrats still boast a massive statewide voter registration edge in New Jersey, but it’s tens of thousands of registrants smaller today than it was when Joe Biden took office, Save Jerseyans.

According to data from the N.J. Division of Election, Republicans picked up a net of 2,323 voters in February 2024 while Democrats shed 3,652. Unaffiliated voters jumped by 8,872.

The Democrats’ new advantage is 940,815, down from the 1+ million gap they previously enjoyed.

In battleground NJ-07, Republicans added to their registration advantage last month by 275 voters (improving from 16,948 in January 2024 to 17,223 in February 2024). Tom Kean Jr. is the one-term GOP incumbent facing off against presumptive Democrat nominee Sue Altman.

Of course none of it really matters if Republicans (1) continue to run shit candidates and (2) refuse to vote early/by mail. The Democrat voter registration edge, while somewhat diminished, is also still a few hundred thousand voters stronger than it was way back in 2009 when Chris Christie defeated then-Governor Jon Corzine.

Matt Rooney
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