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Senate committee rejects Garrett’s Ex-Im Bank nomination

The Senate Banking Committee has rejected former U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett’s nomination to head the Ex-Im Bank this Tuesday morning, Save Jerseyans, dealing a political setback to the President as well as the former North Jersey Republican federal legislator who Read More

Corporations and Democrats Join Forces to Block Garrett to Run Ex-Im Bank

The business community of South Carolina is pressuring Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott to oppose President Donald Trump’s nomination of a critic of the Export-Import Bank to run the institution. Thus far, the most vocal critics of the Read More

Possible Successors to Scott Garrett in NJ-05

House Republicans did a tremendous job of preserving their majorities nation-wide last Tuesday, but one of the handful of Republicans who lost their seat was our own Scott Garrett. Garrett (R-NJ-05), a champion of conservative causes, was a dutiful servant Read More

VIDEO: Garrett accuses Democrat opponent of creating ‘fake’ government document

This year’s particularly ugly and exceptionally competitive NJ-05 House race came to a head on Wednesday when incumbent Scott Garrett (R) held a rare press conference to rebut purportedly fabricated allegations of an ethics investigation into the Republican congressman.  Garrett Read More

Garrett unloads on Clinton ally Gottheimer as FBI reopens email probe

An October surprise? With N.J. implications? On Friday, FBI Director James Comey reportedly informed Congress that the bureau has “learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.” A fresh inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s emails is underway Read More

2016’s Trashiest Political Ad? Democrat House Candidate Hires Granny to Drop F-Bombs in Front of Child

October is no stranger to over-the-top political advertising, Save Jerseyans. What’s new this year? Democrat Josh Gottheimer, the Clintonista attempting to take-down Republican Rep. Scott Garrett in NJ-05, dropped the following profanity-laced advertisement this week all while the tagline ‘Jersey Values’ appears at Read More

Christie’s presidential finance chair just endorsed N.J. Democrat for Congress

TRENTON — The former national finance chair of Gov. Chris Christie’s presidential campaign, Meg Whitman, is breaking with her party and endorsing Democrat Josh Gottheimer to represent northern New Jersey in Congress, according to the Wall Street Journal. Gottheimer, a Read More

Local fire chiefs step up to defend Garrett from Zadroga Act smears

They’re hoping something will stick, eventually, if they keep throwing stuff at the wall, Save Jerseyans. It’s not exactly a strong sign of campaign exuding confidence, is it? Nevertheless, after revisiting the SCOTUS-settled gay marriage debate didn’t work, the NJ-05 Read More