U.S. Supreme Court

Union fees face US Supreme Court review, again

The US Supreme Court announced Thursday it will hear a challenge to mandatory fees for public-employee unions, with the conservative majority-bench set to make a ruling that could cripple organized labor. The question before the court is whether public-sector unions can require non-member workers to pay dues. If the court rules against the practice, unions […]

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#WINNING: SCOTUS Reinstates Bulk of Trump’s Controversial ‘Travel Ban’

The U.S. Supreme Court stepped in to put the 9th Circuit in its place on Monday morning, Save Jerseyans, permitting the Trump Administration to enforce most provisions of its reworked “travel ban” executive order. Citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are impacted by the executive order. Justices did. however, carve out one […]

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N.J. Law Firm Wins Major SCOTUS First Amendment Case

On Monday, Save Jerseyans, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional a law that estopped the government from registering allegedly offensive trademarks on the grounds that the law was violative of the First Amendment. The opinion in Lee v. Tam was delivered by Justice Samuel Alito. “That is viewpoint discrimination in the sense relevant here: Giving offense […]

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4 Lessons Conservatives Should Learn From Getting Gorsuch Through

Leaders of organizations that worked to help win Senate confirmation for Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, say conservatives can learn valuable lessons from the process. “I think first of all you start with an incredibly talented, well-qualified candidate like Gorsuch and that makes the whole job easier,” Carrie Severino, chief counsel […]

After Clearing Committee Vote, Here’s What’s Next for Gorsuch

In a vote along party lines, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-9 to pass Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, out of committee. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa said Gorsuch’s nomination will now move to the Senate. Chairman @ChuckGrassley: The nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to be Associate Justice of #SCOTUS is […]

Senate Democrats Stall Committee Vote for Neil Gorsuch

Democrats have successfully succeeded in delaying the committee vote for Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick. The Senate Judiciary Committee was scheduled to have a committee vote for Gorsuch on March 27, with a full Senate vote on April 3. Now, the full Senate vote will not take place until April 5. “Like […]

Neil Gorsuch promises independence from Trump, Congress

Judge Neil Gorsuch said Tuesday he’s perfectly ready to rule against President Trump, the man who nominated him to the Supreme Court, should the law require it, taking a firm stand for judicial independence as he sought to win confirmation to the high court. The judge also said he has made no promises to Mr. […]

SCOTUS Isn’t Coming to Bob Menendez’s Rescue

Bob Menendez‘s upcoming vote on the Gorsuch nomination is no longer relevant, Save Jerseyans. Back in December, Menendez’s lawyers filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court arguing that his pending federal bribery charges infringe upon legislative activity protected by the United States Constitution’s “Speech-Or-Debate” Clause. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court indicated, without comment, that it won’t […]

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Will It Be Cory Booker vs. Cory Booker On The Gorsuch Nomination?

Cory Booker (D-Twitter) sat down with Trump SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch last week, Save Jerseyans, but we still don’t know if your state’s junior senator, who legislates-while-distracted, is going to support an up-or-down vote. Will he come around eventually? Depends which Booker you ask… The guy who supported Merrick Garland’s nomination when Barack Obama was still president […]

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Cory Booker was scheduled to chat with Gorsuch on Wednesday

Cory Booker (D-Twitter) SHOULD be able to find plenty common ground with Trump SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch, Save Jerseyans, but since our junior senator is running for president, the President shouldn’t count on his vote for confirmation. It’d be the right thing to do for the country but tough choice for a Democrat primary hopeful. He still […]

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Neil Gorsuch’s Proven Track Record of Protecting Religious Liberty

President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch is a solid originalist and textualist when it comes to interpreting the Constitution and statutory authority. This alone is reason to believe he will be a good Supreme Court justice, but his strong rulings on religious liberty only bolster his qualifications. On this issue, he has […]