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Eric Holder joins opposition to N.J.’s redistricting amendment

By Matt Rooney _ Power politics makes for strange bedfellows, Save Jerseyans, and our own machine-dominated, thoroughly-corrupted Garden State political culture is certainly no exception to the rule. Today, as Senate and Assembly lawmakers debate a redistricting amendment proposal in Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Menendez indicted on 150 counts of “not shutting the f&#% up”

By the Staff | The Save Jersey Blog After weeks of intense speculation, Save Jerseyans, the Department of Justice is finally rolling out an unprecedented 150-count indictment of U.S. Senator Robert “Bob” Menendez (D-New Jersey). Here’s what we know: early in the morning Read More

Liberal Logic: Voter Fraud is Okay, But NOT Voting Soldiers!

Of all the absolutely shameless, crappy and downright evil affronts to democracy perpetrated by Obama/Holder & Co.  over the past four years, I think this latest atrocity truly takes the partisan cake. I’m pissed, Save Jerseyans. It is obvious? I really hope Read More

If Voter Fraud Isn’t Real, Then Why Does Obama’s Campaign Website Ask Us to Report It?

Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama Administration may claim voter fraud is “extremely rare,” Save Jerseyans, but then why does the President’s campaign website include a form to “report voter fraud and other polling problems” (see right)? Click here to Read More

O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN: Eric Holder’s Ballot Offered to Complete Stranger!

Last week I argued that it’s ridiculous to pass laws combating consumer identity theft but NOT voter identity theft, Save Jerseyans. This position is obviously not unique to me. It’s part of an ongoing national debate regarding voter identification laws ahead of the Read More

VIDEO: Eric Holder Advocated Anti-Gun Brainwashing in 1995

Then-U.S. Attorney Eric Holder addressed the Woman’s Nation Democrat Club back in 1995. C-SPAN picked it up and now, like most things, it’s resurfaced through the magic of YouTube. Mr. Holder’s topic that day? How to “brainwash” children into hating Read More