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Jim Florio (and Corzine’s crazy toll plan) unexpectedly resurface in Election 2017

Jim Florio and Jon Corzine served one term, respectively, before getting bounced from Drumthwacket by tax-weary New Jersey electorates. Now they’re back… in one sense. This week, Politico reported about former Governor Florio having authored a report in conjunction with a liberal-leaning Read More

THE OPIOID ADS AREN’T WORKING: Christie stuck in Jim Florio’s approval rating basement

Chris Christie‘s approval rating remains in the proverbial toilet,  Save Jerseyans, as the Governor is a little more than eight months away from leaving office. The results of a recent Quinnipiac University survey released Thursday found Christie mired at 18%. He had Read More

Buono’s Hypocrisy by the Numbers

A Detailed History of How Democrat Governors (and Their Legislative Allies) Destroyed New Jersey’s Fiscal Health By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog Yes, we have the highest taxes due to the last two previous administrations. Have you ever wondered why? Barbara Read More