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Dem House Hopeful’s Campaign Promotes His Brother’s Book On Facebook

New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District used to be one of the region’s most competitive House seats. Used to be. Before Frederick John LaVergne won this year’s Democrat nomination. LaVergne of Burlington County may be America’s most hapless congressional hopeful. Seriously. Read More

Anti-Residency S.J. Democrats Tap Shelley Adler for CD-3

First it was Carl Lewis in LD8. Then Gabriela Mosquera in LD4. Now the Machine is ready to run Shelley Adler, wife of the late John Adler, for his Third Congressional District seat presently occupied by Rep.  Jon Runyan. The catch? Mrs. Adler doesn’t live in the redrawn Read More

HEAD SCRATCHER: Pallone Touts Social Security “Success Story?”

There’s reality, Save Jerseyans, and then there’s whatever is going on in Frank Pallone’s head. Imagine The Wizard of Oz meets Das Kapital… capped with a fro. This latest product of Pallone’s imagination may take the cake. Mega-kudos to our Read More

The Cheese Stands Alone

The people of Wisconsin are particularly knowledgable when it comes to two topics, Save Jerseyans: cheese and football.  They may therefore be familiar with one of football legend John Madden’s best Yogi Berra impressions in the commentator’s booth: “If this Read More

Rep. Garrett Takes “Step Further” to Paul Ryan’s Right

Never one to be satisfied with “conservative enough,” North Jersey’s Scott Garrett (R-Wantage) is co-sponsoring a Republican Study Committee (RSC) alternative to Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s celebrated FY 2012 budget proposal. Ryan’s plan would cut approximately $6 trillion over the next Read More