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REPORT: Kasich campaign reverses itself, will suspend efforts Wednesday

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Less than 24-hours after his campaign defiantly promised to forge ahead after Donald Trump all-but-guaranteed himself a victory on the first ballot, Save Jerseyans, John Kasich‘s team is now confirming that the Read More

OPINION: How I came to Donald Trump and why I don’t regret it

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog I’m absolutely for Donald Trump for more reasons than you can count. This election cycle, I started out supporting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. After he crashed and burned before takeoff, I Read More

Trumpies ready to open N.J. headquarters

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog The Donald’s forces are preparing to gear up in New Jersey as the state’s June 7th primary inches closer. Their headquarters is located at 3910 Park Avenue, Unit 5 in Edison, New Read More

Compulsory Speech is Always Problematic

By Michael Patrick Carroll | The Save Jersey Blog Some years back, a pair of NJ loons decided to name their son “Adolf Hitler”. On the anniversary of his birth, the parents asked a local baker to produce a “Happy Read More