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MUST-READ: Almost 1/3 of N.J. legislators hold another government job

TRENTON, N.J. – Another layer to the corruption plaguing New Jersey was highlighted by NorthJersey.com’s Ashley Balcerzak and Stacey Barchenger on Tuesday: Almost one-third of state legislators (37 in total) have one or more additional government jobs. Those jobs pad their Read More

Imperiled N.J. weed bill would allow expungements for criminals possessing 5lbs of pot

TRENTON, N.J. – State Senator Kip Bateman (R-16) announced late on Friday afternoon that he is a “no” for Monday’s schedule floor vote on legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey. According to Save Jersey sources on State Street, Read More

Gaggle of N.J. academics announce redistricting working group

TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey Democrats’ partisan redistricting amendment is on life support for the time being, but the state’s academic community is trying to get a jump on the upcoming legislative redistrict process.  According to a Monday afternoon press release, Read More

Eric Holder joins opposition to N.J.’s redistricting amendment

By Matt Rooney _ Power politics makes for strange bedfellows, Save Jerseyans, and our own machine-dominated, thoroughly-corrupted Garden State political culture is certainly no exception to the rule. Today, as Senate and Assembly lawmakers debate a redistricting amendment proposal in Read More

AFP-New Jersey releases ’16-’17 taxpayer scorecard

By The Staff _ How well did your state representatives defend your interests (and bank account) over the last two years? You can click here to read Americans for Property-New Jersey’s 2016-2017 scorecard which was released Tuesday morning. The only three Read More

RESULTS: Live Coverage of New Jersey’s Election 2017

Welcome to Election Day 2017, Save Jerseyans! New Jersey voters will select a new governor to succeed Chris Christie, 120 legislators and hundreds of local/county officials today. There are also two ballot questions in play across all 21 counties of the Read More

SPONSORED POST: AFP-NJ’s Taxpayer Scorecard grades are scary

AFP-NJ’s Taxpayer Scorecard grades all lawmakers based on their voting records on a number of issues—including taxes, spending, corporate cronyism and free speech. The results are scary. Only 20 of our state lawmakers earned an A rating or above. Nearly 90 of Read More

FINAL Legislative Race Ratings for N.J. Election 2017

Note: Our final round of SaveJersey.com legislative race ratings presumes (which is distinct from predicting, btw, so don’t get all hot-and-bothered by this) an 8-to-12 point Murphy victory statewide on November 7th. If the public polling is ultimately validated? And Read More