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Weinberg-style Democrats don’t want ‘clean’ energy; they might want Flintstones cars!

President Barack Obama took a half-hearted approach to tackling the oil-by-rail boom during his years in office, Save Jerseyans, because some BIG money liberals (like Warren Buffett and Tom Steyer) have made fortunes off of the dangerous practice (side note: Read More

NOT SO FAST: Egg Harbor Rejects Transgender Student Bathroom Policy

“Nay” is the answer, Save Jerseyans. The Egg Harbor Township Board of Education (down in Atlantic County) voted 5-4 on Tuesday¬†against adopting a new bathroom-related policy for transgender students which would’ve allowed children to use whichever bathroom conformed to their Read More

NJEA Flips Out Over Trump’s Transgender Student Policy Shift

The New Jersey (Mis)Education Association¬†(NJEA) lashed out at President Donald Trump on Thursday, Save Jerseyans, criticizing his young administration’s decision to reverse Obama-era regulations (couched in the form of “guidance”) relating to transgender bathroom use in America’s schools. Local districts Read More

What you need to know about the deportation of illegal immigrants

WASHINGTON, February 12, 2017 – The facts about illegal immigration tell a different story than is reported in the mainstream media; clarification is warranted. One of President Trump’s first executive orders included two multi-pronged orders on border security and immigration Read More

ROONEY RANTS: Rutgers should think long, hard before going the ‘Sanctuary Campus’ route

While you were Christmasing at the end of last week, Save Jerseyans, our friends at Rutgers University were striking another blow for progressivism. It came in the form of University President¬†Robert Barchi responding to reports/speculation/fears/hysteria related to President-elect Donald Trump’s Read More