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Empty Chair Day Verifies the Success of Eastwood’s Speech

Last week at the Republican National Convention, Clint Eastwood put on a performance that continues to dog the left, Save Jerseyans. Eastwood, 82, gave an ad-lib speech beside a chair representing President Obama.  It was a shtick right out of the golden Read More

Menendez Chickens Out On Religious Liberty

The White House announced today, as the good folks at LifeSiteNews.com translated, that “instead of forcing religious employers to pay for birth control, it will force insurance companies to offer the drugs free of charge to all women, no matter Read More

OPEN THREAD: Obama’s Last State of the Union Address?

Perhaps that’s wishful thinking, Save Jerseyans, given how our candidates and party “leaders” are carrying on as of late. However, with his numbers continuing to fall and unemployment remaining unreasonably high, expect Obama to treat this speech as such. He Read More