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Where Reagan Failed, Trump is Succeeding. | Spadea

FIRST POSTED ON MARCH 29, 2017 By Bill Spadea _ Trump: The practical patriot and non-conservative Conservative Reagan conservatism, free trade, anti-communism, anti-government. Remember the nine most dangerous words in the English language according to President Reagan? “I’m from the government Read More

VIDEO: Webber invokes Reagan’s legacy in first NJ-11 TV ad

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. — Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26) is on the airwaves in NJ-11. “Morning” borrows heavily and openly from Ronald Reagan’s iconic “Morning in America” 1984 presidential reelection campaign ad: – Here the script narrated by Webber: “When I Read More

‘Roseanne’ premiere garners 18 million viewers for ABC, highest-rated comedy in four years

The prime-time debut of ” Roseanne” was a hit on Tuesday, garnering 18.2 million viewers – the highest-rated comedy show on any network in four years, according to ABC. The news media offered an enthusiastic response to the reboot of” Read More

REPORT: Conservative activist, three-time U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Bell dies

Former U.S. Senate candidate and Reagan-era operate Jeff Bell has died, Save Jerseyans. “I’m very sorry to report the sad news that Jeff Bell died suddenly last night,” tweeted Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, a long-time Bell friend, on Sunday Read More

OPINION: Why Reagan Destroyed the Republican Party

Is that a shocking enough headline for you? I know there are conservatives and blue dog Democrats alike reeling in horror right now. Let me make my case and you can call me anything you want after. Ronald Reagan, originally Read More

N.J. legislator calls on Hollywood to fight, not parody, Alzheimer’s after Ferrell Reagan movie flap

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Will Ferrell has decided that making fun of Alzheimer’s (and President Reagan) isn’t exactly high comedy, Save Jerseyans. He’s passing on a script for “Reagan,” a film that parodies the late commander-in-chief’s alleged Read More