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That moment when Trump dumps all over your state’s business climate

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Celebrating New Jersey’s jobs recovery was a central theme of Chris Christie’s own presidential campaign, Save Jerseyans, but when Donald Trump dished on jobs in his Super Tuesday victory speech delivered with Read More

RESULTS: Christie plays Trump’s wingman for Super Tuesday victory speech

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog After winning Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia and likely more states before the night is out on Super Tuesday 2016, Save Jerseyans, the one and only Donald Trump took to the podium at Mar-a-Lago to Read More

New Jersey’s Primary May Be Relevant After All!

Last year, New Jersey’s legislature voted to return to a “unified” primary in June (as opposed to a separate presidential contest in the winter). The reported reason was to save money. The real reason was to aid party bosses with Read More

Super Tuesday Open Thread: ROMNEY WINS OH, VA, VT, MA, ID

Live Update 12:25: I don’t care what the networks say, Save Jerseyans, but Mitt Romney won Ohio tonight (the Associated Press agrees). He’s up 12k votes with 96% reporting. Romney may end tonight with 200+ new delegates from 10 different states. Read More

Christie on NJ 101.5: “Sweeney [and I] Agree that Income Taxes Need to be Reduced”

It may be Super Tuesday elsewhere, Save Jerseyans, but here at home it’s still Budget Wars all day, all the time. Governor Chris Christie called into NJ 101.5 earlier today to defend his 10% income tax cut plan to a skeptical Read More

Christie Spends Super Tuesday in “Firewall” New Jersey

The Governor was raising money for U.S. Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts last night, Save Jerseyans. No, he wasn’t barnstorming through the Bay State for his 2012 presidential endorsee, Mitt Romney, who is expected to triumph there today by at least Read More

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: The Myth Surrounding Obama, Romney and the Partisan Money Gap

It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see. “We” being the Republican Party. I’ve heard the refrain in recent days leading up to the Super Tuesday Ohio showdown from Romney critics; paraphrasing, they’re complaining that “Mitt’s Read More

Super Tuesday Eve Analysis

10 states and 413 delegates are on the line tomorrow, Save Jerseyans. Most experts are still expecting a “split decision” of sorts, but they’ll also concede the fact that Governor Romney is surging following last week’s victories in WA, WY, MI and AZ, both nationally and Read More