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Christie Budget “Solution” Sends the Wrong Message

Yesterday, New Jersey State Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff testified before the Assembly Budget Committee on the issue of the budget shortfall, projected to be about $676 million by the Christie Administration and as much as $1.3 billion by the Office of Read More

Christie’s Voorhees Town Hall Foreshadows Looming Budget Battle

Yesterday, Governor Christie held his first town hall meeting of 2012 in my hometown of Voorhees. The speech, while more conversational in form to be sure, would have read quite a bit like Tuesday’s ‘State of the State’ speech. Christie Read More

Christie’s Tax Cut Provides Winning Contrast to Democrat-style Class Warfare

How many times have we heard the old refrain? Around the water cooler or while stranded at your cousin’s birthday party: “Com’on! They’re all the same!┬áThere’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans! It doesn’t matter which you crooked party you Read More