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America’s “Fiscal Cliff” Steepest for New Jersey Federal Taxpayers

I hope you’ll share this post with your Garden State friends who voted for Obama/Menendez & Co. … We’ve been warning you for months that the coming “fiscal cliff” and accompanying “taxmageddon” would devastate New Jersey taxpayers beginning in 2013. Read More

The ONLY Domestic Policy Point That Mitt Needs to Make Tonight

A South Jerseyan standing with a Mitt cut-out (h/t Susanne LaFrankie) Every talking head in America wants to force their “sage” advice on Mitt Romney and Barack Obama heading into tonight’s town hall-style presidential debate at Hofstra University. My two cents? When President Obama tries to drop the Read More

Spreading the Wealth Around: Taxmageddon Impact Breakdown Across New Jersey

There’s no better resource on the web for public policy research than The Heritage Foundation, Save Jerseyans. Lately, they’ve put a ton of time into analyzing the impact of “Taxmageddon,” the name popularly assigned to January 1, 2013 when many Read More