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FYI America: Urban Democrat leadership is (still) dangerous to your health

Houston-area allies of that grand Texas city’s Democrat mayor, Sylvester Turner (pictured above), now claim evacuating ahead of Hurricane Harvey would’ve been “nonsensical” notwithstanding the fact that everyone KNEW super-flat Houston was in danger from heavy rains. Residents were told to bunker down Read More

Trump’s Bold Approach to Crime Will Lift Inner Cities

On Nov. 8, America elected a president with vastly different views on crime from former President Barack Obama. The Obama administration’s views on crime and police undercut local law enforcement and left vulnerable some of the nation’s most crime-ridden communities. Read More

Ryan’s Racist? Then Which Dem Isn’t?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog This particular story really pissed me off, Save Jerseyans, which is really saying something since I’m pretty much immune to most liberal idiocy from covering it on a daily basis. There are still exceptions. On Read More

A City Without Heroes

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog The City of Newark is in the middle of its first post-Booker mayoral race, Save Jerseyans, and on Wednesday evening, candide and councilamn Ras Baraka happily accepted the backing of former Mayor Ken Gibson Read More

Op-Ed: For Fair School Funding

Space: Urban Tax Abatements prevent Property Tax Relief for all New Jerseyans By Asm. Parker Space | The Save Jersey Blog Once again, Jersey City is looking for more tax breaks. As the Wall Street Journal recently reported: “Jersey City’s Read More