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White House Petition To Remove ‘Soros-Owned Voting Machines’ Hits 61k Signatures

The White House website features a petition to remove thousands of voting machines supposedly tied to billionaire Democrat George Soros from 16 states. The petition reached well over 61,000 signatures as of Tuesday. To be clear, there’s no such thing Read More

Another Argument for a New Jersey Voter ID Law

The Texas staffer featured in the video below was reportedly fired by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) earlier this week. Why? Watch: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_iJfnbMzI0 Paging New Jersey legislators! The evidence of a severe problem continues to pile up. Get off of your rear Read More

MSM Reports Voter Fraud Story; Does That Mean It’s Real?

The Mainstream Media (led by The Associated Press) attack voter id law initiatives by claiming that voter fraud is imaginary (even though President Obama’s website has asked supporters to report it?). Other arguments are even dumber; a recent editorial posited Read More

Paging Republican Legislators… Why Aren’t You Fighting for Voter ID Bills?

Are you paying attention, Republican legislators? It’s been reported that Assemblycrats John McKeon (the same guy who blames taxpayers for high taxes) and Mila Jasey (a horrible liberal in her own right) will conduct an Essex County presser later today condemning voter ID laws. Read More

@MattRooneyNJ Participates in Election 2012 Panel This Sunday, August 12th

Are you in the Philadelphia area this weekend, Save Jerseyans? If the answer is “yes,” then you have yet another opportunity to hang out with the Blogger-in-Chief. Save Jersey Founder Matt Rooney will join his old friend and grassroots training Read More

If Voter Fraud Isn’t Real, Then Why Does Obama’s Campaign Website Ask Us to Report It?

Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama Administration may claim voter fraud is “extremely rare,” Save Jerseyans, but then why does the President’s campaign website include a form to “report voter fraud and other polling problems” (see right)? Click here to Read More