200+ Protest Harry Reid’s South Jersey Visit

200+ Protest Harry Reid’s South Jersey Visit

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Garry Cobb chats with Philadelphia radio host Dom Giordano
Garry Cobb chats with Philadelphia radio host Dom Giordano

It was a coalition of the willing, Save Jerseyans, over 200 strong as they casually filtered in and out of the abandoned parking lot adjoining upscale Caffe Aldo Lamberti where Harry Reid and top New Jersey Democrat donors – led by George Norcross III – gathered to raise money for Norcross’s brother.

The police presence was strong (including some species of tactical command van) but relatively unaggressive and respectful as the cheerful protesters, deployed in an informal line snaking the distance of approximately 400 yards, paced up and down the sidewalk between the fundraiser site and busy Route 70 a/k/a Marlton Pike, drawing a steady chorus of honks from the rush hour crowd returning home from Philadelphia offices along the busy Southern New Jersey corridor and generating a significant gaper delay.

Everyone came together to stand among the abandon lot’s weeds and uneven soil for a brief time around 5:00 p.m. to hear from Garry Cobb, the former Eagles star who’s taking on Donald Norcross in NJ-01, as well as U.S. Senate nominee Jeff Bell, Philadelphia radio host Dom Giordano and an assortment of other activists led by chief event organizer Tom Crone.


Here’s a little video courtesy of one of the organizer’s sons:



Yes, a couple of fringe characters planted on the east side of the Caffe driveway ranted about the hidden implications of Bible passages or, in the case of one particularly lively protester, dawned Revolutionary-era garb and loudly heckled a visibly amused George Norcross as he left the event. That’s who will earn the other media outlets’ attention.

The other 198-ish participants were ordinary folks who showed up to express their extreme displeasure with a United States Senate that hasn’t done its job for many, many years.

Here’s just a small taste of the what went down…



11 thoughts on “200+ Protest Harry Reid’s South Jersey Visit

  1. What a FUN day! I encourage all you readers to get out and do some form of Ad-Hoc street protest. Enjoy a nice day out, with a purpose. Was great to see all my friends from around the state. I go for hugs as much as for political effort to Save America. Folk in every town should plan a Rush-Hour Protest on the busy corridor of your choice. For our voices to be heard we have to be VISIBLE… and a bit annoying in that we refuse to be quiet.

  2. Now is the time for everyone to do SOMETHING; You don’t have to do everything, but pick a contribution, whether it is calling and burning up the lines of Congress, or your Assembly from the comfort of your home, blogging to bring out the conservative and rational side of issues, contribute to the conservative candidate of your choice. Clean up the voter lists – get active with your tea party…………….Make a difference…….do something worthwhile. Get off your duffs!

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