Middletown PBA takes negotiations to Facebook

Middletown PBA takes negotiations to Facebook

By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com

middletown pbaA rant against Mayor Stephanie Murray and the rest of the Middletown Township Committee was posted anonymously on the business facebook page of the Middletown Township PBA Local 124 yesterday afternoon.

Written by “I am a police officer in Middletown Township,” the post alleges that Murray and the Township Committee are not paying police officers salaries and claims that officers are subjected to sub-standard working conditions.  The anonymous officer claims that the Township Committee gave themselves a 20% raise:

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One thought on “Middletown PBA takes negotiations to Facebook

  1. Average salaries over $100,000 annually in a town with little crime and they bitch, bitch, bitch. Because I live in NJ, where taxes are exhorbitant,I recently “upgraded” from a car with 268,000 miles to one with 95,000, and both cars ran fine. I see no problem with towns maximizing the lifespan of a patrolcar. And if the police building is dirty, show some damned pride and clean the place up! Or are they above that?

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