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Is Summer ‘Over’ On Monday? HELL NO!

By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot

jersey shore beachRepeat after me:


The whole notion that summer begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day is something that was dreamed up by the media and/or the travel industry. And it’s a lie.

Because the calendar (and the seasons themselves) tell a whole different story.


Christie: ‘No’ to Open Space Question

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Plenty of his fellow Republicans voted YEA and, so I’m told, the addition of a costly open space preservation question to this year’s ballot was critical to winning liberal legislative votes for bail reform, a top administration priority. All the same, Governor Chris Christie took a break from celebrating Sandy recovery efforts in Sea Bright on Thursday to answer a number of press inquiries ranging from pension management allegations to his opposition to the latest open space scheme:

The Golden Goose is Gasping for Air

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

golden eggAtlantic City received yet another reality check this week, Save Jerseyans, with the news that the A.C. metro region experienced the single largest employment drop of any U.S. metropolitan area last month over July 2013.

That’s a 3,600 employee loss; by contrast, Nevada’s Clark County (home to Las Vegas) added 25,700 jobs.

Like I said on Sunday: New Jersey politicians will underestimate this problem at their own peril

That peril extends to those of us living outside of the legendary Shore resort’s metro area.


Christie to Raise Cash Over Eggs for MacArthur

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Jon Runyan (center) watches Gov. Christie answer questions at a NJ-03 town hall meeting.

Jon Runyan (center) watches Gov. Christie answer questions at a NJ-03 town hall meeting.

Governor Chris Christie is stepping up his in-state fundraising this cycle, Save Jerseyans, and the latest beneficiary will be the Republican candidate fighting to retain this year’s most competitive Garden State House seat: Tom MacArthur.

He’s heading to Toms River on Thursday morning for a breakfast at the Route 9 Ramada hotel; it’s happening between out-of-state fundraising trips on behalf of RGA-backed candidates. Next up in the coming weeks: North Carolina, South Carolina and a trade mission to Mexico.

MacArthur opponent Aimee Belgard, one of the only non-incumbents in modern Congressional history to dodge debate challenges, dropped her own e-mail fundraising appeal on the eve of Christie’s Ocean County visit. “Governor Chris Christie’s coming to the district in just 24 HOURS,” it reads. “Why? He plans to rake in thousands of dollars for Aimee’s radical right-wing opponent.”


Four Debates Set in NJ-02

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Frank LobiondoThe leading political prognosticators aren’t predicting much trouble for House incumbents this cycle, Save Jerseyans, and NJ-02′s Frank LoBiondo is no exception.

That doesn’t mean we won’t have a real campaign including, as it was announced on Tuesday, four individual “forums” featuring the candidates:


Atlantic City: Too Big to Save?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Boardwalk Empire (photo credit: HBO)

Boardwalk Empire (photo credit: HBO)

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire will wrap up this fall, Save Jerseyans, five seasons into a series that launched with critical acclaim but is slated to end amid sober commentary concluding “it’s for the best.” The plot became tired and repetitive. The characters stop developing and evolving. And the initial thrill of its unique period-era theme failed to stand up against its contemporary artistic competition.

We can’t continue to kid ourselves where Atlantic City is concerned. Even Nucky saw the writing on the wall. Many years after the real life seaside emperor was dead and buried, the expression “too big to fail” entered America’s political lexicon during the financial crisis of 2008 as banks, large corporations and, later, car manufacturers received large taxpayer-financed bailouts because, we were told, they were “too big to fail.”  Atlantic City ventures have certainly received their fair share of tax dollars, either directly or through tax breaks, over the past few decades. It didn’t work (in case you’ve been living under a rock and missed the cascade of casino closures in the news).

We’ve subsidized a bad business model with disastrous consequences. That’s not to say there aren’t positive things that can be done tomorrow. The real question: is Atlantic City now too big to save? CONTINUE READING….

Preventing Ferguson From Happening Here

By Charlie Barr | The Save Jersey Blog

An increasingly-common armored police vehicle (Photo: Dakota County Sheriff's Office)

An increasingly-common armored police vehicle (Photo: Dakota County Sheriff’s Office)

“Weapons of war have no place on our streets.”

President Obama said it in early February 2013 attending an anti-gun rally. While Obama and I have some staunch differences about the definition of “weapons of war,” I would sum it up by looking at recent pictures out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Vietnam.

Military vehicles roaming the streets supplied by the President’s Pentagon.

Tear gas being thrown in the middle of the night.

Explosives being thrown at citizens and police all the same.

They have no place on our streets.


Christie Responds to Showboat Employees

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

governor christie speaks in ocean cityGovernor Christie brought his “No Pain, No Gain” tour to Ocean City on Thursday, Save Jerseyans. So I biked on up to the Music Pier to see him speak.

Now, if you’re reading this blog, you’re obviously familiar with our pension and benefits situation. So I am not going to focus on that.

Because if you read this blog, you’re also aware that I am a staunch supporter of forward-thinking strategies geared towards turning Atlantic City around and saving/creating as many jobs as possible.

The Governor was met with a handful of protesters. Some oppose his pension plan and there were a few granola types protesting the BL England Pipeline. There was also a group of Showboat employees (the casino slated to close on August 31st unless a buyer is found) demanding that Gov. Christie save their jobs by forcing Showboat to remain open.

Before delving into his pension-related remarks, the Governor took the time to address these employees. Below is video of what he said (sorry, my phone is not a TV studio). I’m not going to include any commentary; watch and arrive at your own conclusions…


Hurley: No Bidders for Revel

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

You can’t have a bankruptcy auction without qualified bidders, Save Jerseyans.

Not good…

Lawyers for the casino had only recently sought a one week extension in order to review new bids, but even the promise of reduced price (and the inevitably of fat state tax abatements) doesn’t seem capable of luring big buyers back to ailing A.C.

Click here to follow along via our extensive Atlantic City blog archives. We’ll let you know if there’s an update.


A Sandy Community Still in Distress, Part II

By Synnove Bakke | The Save Jersey Blog


Sen Corey Booker, Rep. Frank Pallone, Asm. Rob Clifton and Mayor Owen Henry speak with affected residents in Laurence Harbor.

Finally, almost two whole years later, there may finally be some relief in sight for residents in Cliffwood Way, Laurence Harbor. I wrote about this small devastated neighborhood when I found it by accident in April of this year. 

Click here to read my original report if you missed it, Save Jerseyans.

Last time visited alone. This time, through my work with Assemblyman Rob Clifton, I was fortunate to be able to attend a walk-through of the neighborhood with Senator Cory Booker, Rep Frank Pallone, Old Bridge Mayor Owen Henry, the town administrator Chris Marion, OEM coordinator, Dominic Cicio, councilmen Butler and Mollis, and Freeholder Charles Kenney.


150+ YRs Party with Guardian on Steel Pier

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

don guardian

Hanging out with Mayor Don Guardian and some awesome Young Republicans in Atlantic City

Days after 60,000 country fans descended on Atlantic City’s beaches for an open air concert, Save Jerseyans, a smaller but no less enthusiastic crowd of 150+ gathered Saturday night on the historic Steel Pier to celebrate Young Republicanism and, it’s hoped, a new lease on life for the struggling Boardwalk Empire under the leadership of Republican Mayor Don Guardian.

We had a ton of fun, too, which is always critically important! How can you not have fun with a full bar, perched over the lapping waves of the Atlantic, within full view of the fully-lit casinos skyline? And for what it’s worse, you can’t convince other young people that you’re the best party out there if your actual parties stink. Can you?


Unaccompanied Central American Children Showing Up In Freehold

By Art Gallagher |

welcome chalk drawing childBetween 5 and 10 Central American children, ages 11-16, who have crossed our borders without adults have found their way to Freehold Borough, according to a statement by Rita Dentino, Director of Casa Freehold, an immigrants rights organization that helps newly arrived immigrants integrate into the community.

Dentino said that more children are arriving everyday, according to a report in the Sentinal.

State Senator Jennifer Beck issued a statement today saying she is working with federal and state officials to secure funding to deal with the situation and to evaluate New Jersey’s legal options and obligations.

Continue Reading…

Why Are Dems Eager to Declare A.C. Dead?

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog 

Sandy damage to the Atlantic City boardwalk

Sandy damage to the Atlantic City boardwalk (2012)

Save Jerseyans, Atlantic City is down, but not out notwithstanding its Moody’s credit rating setback.

Which makes me wonder why Democrats in New Jersey are so ready to declare Atlantic City dead and give up on the place?

Senate President Steve Sweeney has apparently already decided that there will be a ballot initiative to allow casinos in North Jersey. Senator Ray Lesniak has already decided that initiative has passed and is already planning the new casinos in North Jersey.

Sweeney and Lesniak are promising that money from North Jersey casinos will be spirited up the Parkway to fund the new casinos, essentially spitting in the face of South Jerseyans, especially when Atlantic City’s economy would be greatly helped if it wasn’t sending those tax dollars to Trenton.


Still Waiting to See What Makes Jeff “Independent”

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

rubberstampAs you know, Save Jerseyans, Democrat Bill Hughes, Jr is looking to unseat Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo in District 2 so Hughes can rubber stamp Obama’s agenda and help make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House again (because it worked out so well the first time).

And State Senator Jeff Van Drew just endorsed the wanna-be Obama rubber stamp Bill Hughes, Jr. this week.

This should come as no shock to you, loyal Save Jersey readers, because Van Drew, while pretending to be an across the aisle moderate, is a proud Democrat who sticks with his party at the end of the day. And Van Drew just demonstrated in this instance how he is willing to ignore all the good LoBiondo has done for the district and his efforts to bring jobs to the area, endorsing Hughes… why? 

Because Hughes is a Democrat.

LoBiondo is going to beat Hughes. Bank on it. Which means in 2015, when Van Drew is on the campaign trail, trying to convince voters to re-elect his mouthpiece, Assemblyman Fluff Bob Andrzejczak, Mr. Middle of the Aisle Van Drew is going to have explain to people why he tried to send an Obama rubber stamp to Washington.


Marlboro Council Passes Political Sign Restrictions

By Art Gallagher |

Over the objections of citizens who urged them not to restrict their 1st Amendment Rights and to avoid expensive litigation, the Marlboro Township Council unanimously passed an ordinance that prohibits the placement of temporary political signs on public property and rights of way, limits the time before and after an election that signs may appear on private property and rights of way adjacent to private property, and regulates the size of signs and the distance they may appear from each other on private property.

At the request of Councilman Frank LaRocca, the ordinance was amended to eliminate the imposition of a 90 day jail sentence for violating the ordinance.  Candidates, Committee Chairmen, Campaign Treasurers and private property owners now face fines ranging from $100 to $1250 if signs appear more than 45 days before an election, 7 days after an election or if signs promoting the same candidate are posted within 50 feet of each other on the same property.  The total square footage of all political signs on any one tax lot must not exceed 16 square feet.

Matthew Rasmussen, an attorney representing the Marlboro Republican Committee told the council during the public hearing prior to the adoption of the ordinance that it contained numerous “constitutional infirmities, some of them fatal” and urged the governing body to defeat the ordinance in order to avoid expensive litigation that they would certainly lose.

Read the rest of this entry »

Marlboro’s Yard Sign Flap

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

yard signsYard signs are often as controversial as the politicians that they advertise, Save Jerseyans. Yes, they’re one of the clearest physical manifestations of free speech, but many residents also view them as indistinguishable from litter when they’re left to clutter intersections and bypass ramps for months after the voting ceases.

Is one Jersey Shore town going too far in seeking to control yard signs? To the point of limiting the right of opposition groups to oppose the majority party?

That’s the contention of some Marlboro Republicans who oppose an ordinance slated for consideration by town council on July 17th. The comprehensive amendment to the municipal code reportedly backed by oft-mentioned higher office aspirant and occasional Christiecrat Jon Hornik (I’ve re-posted it below for reading at your leisure) heavily regulates the placement of “temporary” yard signs ahead of elections (e.g. Christie/Guadagno 2013), and some detractors say a broad reading could impact free speech in the borough by design. 


Dueling Showboat Pressers on the Boards

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

This is why people hate politics, Save Jerseyans.

Opportunistic as ever, the CD2 Democrat campaign of Bill Hughes Jr. staged a press conference in front of the soon-to-be-shuttered Showboat Casino in Atlantic City last week to criticize incumbent Frank Lobiondo for allegedly not doing enough to prevent job losses as well as Showboat’s owner, Caesars Entertainment. The substance of the blame was typical liberal malarkey, blaming business owners for making business decisions instead of taking a critical look at the government’s own role in the stagnation of Atlantic City.

Then an enterprising A.C. Press reporter picked up on an interesting angle…