Little Tries to Get an Edge from an Angle

Tea Party backed Republican CD-6 candidate Anna Little has announced that she will be holding a “Time for Tea” event on September 15th in Red Bank and will have Sharron Angle as her special guest. For anyone interested, admission to the event is $100.

Angle and Little won surprise victories in their respective Republican primaries after being backed by local Tea Party groups and running relatively inexpensive ground based campaigns. Both candidates beat establishment Republicans with far deeper pockets by slim margins, and both would be huge pick ups for the GOP this fall if they can pull off a victory.

Sharron Angle is certainly coming a long way to campaign for her fellow Tea Party candidate, and to be honest I am somewhat puzzled as to (1) why she would want to make the trip, as it has almost no added value to her own campaign, and (2) whether it is really such a good idea for the Little campaign to host Angle at an event.

Don’t get me wrong Save Jerseyans, I would love to see Frank Pallone join the ranks of unemployed Democrats this November, I just don’t know that bringing in a controversial candidate who is down in the polls in her own race is the best way to do so. Angle has seen a substantial lead in the polls over Senator Reid diminish to a deficit in recent weeks as the Reid campaign and the national media has made much of her stances on federal entitlement programs.

For Anna Little to be successful in CD-6, her base needs to be expanded beyond the Tea Party crowd. Establishment Republicans and Independent voters will be voting on November 2nd as well, and bringing in an a candidate like Angle who could potentially scare them off may not be the best strategic move.

What do you think, Save Jerseyans? Will Angle give Little an edge on Pallone? Post you thoughts in the comments…

6 thoughts on “Little Tries to Get an Edge from an Angle

  1. Angle is down in absolute terms, but is within the margin of error in most polls. So she still stands a good chance of winning as Harry Reid is unable to get to 50%, a well known danger sign for any incumbent. Still, I don't see how this helps her in Nevada either. She should be spending every moment there from what I can tell.
    What might help Anna Little is some exposure from national talk radio, which could give her a boost and draw some fundraising.

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